Advanced Environmental Services

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Items that can be done by the owner before AES arrives

  • Misc. contents disposal: Please go through and throw away any unwanted items that are unnecessary to clean and needs to thrown away. They should be put in a bag or box for us to dispose of upon arrival.
  • Important business papers: All important papers and small items that are laying out should be put in a box for us to hepa vacuum.
  • Food Items: (By owner or AES) All food containers that are in cabinets and refrigerator that have been opened will need to be bagged or boxed for AES to dispose of.
  • Valuables:
    • All items that are very sentimental, valuable and sensitive to clean will need to be cleaned and handled by others or the owner.
    • All guns, jewelry and money that are of concern will need to be removed before we start.
  • Owners Departure:
    • When you begin leaving the affected area(s) and need to take some items with you, they should be cleaned first with a disinfectant spray.
    • All clothing that you may need to take can be taken to the dry cleaners if required and noted on the protocol.

AES Procedures

  • AES Mobilizing / Containment Setup:
    • Upon arrival, AES will setup air scrubbers to clean and filter the air within the  building.
    • All carpet will be removed in affected areas and in most cases removed throughout the building if noted on protocol.
    • All tack strips will be inspected and if necessary removed.
    • All contents within the affected areas will be cleaned and boxed. along with the furnishings will be moved to other areas of the building. It may be necessary to move some or all items to a storage facility because of limited space available.
    • All affected furnishing and contents with visible molds will be disposed of.                                          
    • In some cases, all contents will be packed out, moved to other facility, cleaned and stored.
    • A plastic containment will be setup to isolate the work areas from the remaining areas, to keep the rest of building from contamination.
  • Air scrubbers will be setup inside containment to clean and filter air while working.
  • A decontamination unit will be setup to the containment for workers to decontaminate themselves before exiting. 
  • Remediation:
    • All affected cabinets will be removed and inspected for contamination. If possible, we can cut away the base and the back panel, and the rest can be salvaged, wrapped in poly and stored on site. If not they will be disposed of.
    • All affected materials will be removed, bagged and disposed of. Remaining affected stationary or structure materials will be sanded, biocide, hepa vacuumed and encapsulated. All other non-affected surfaces to be cleaned and vacuumed.
    • Most floor coverings within containment will have to be removed.
    • Once we start the removal process. a lot of times additional affected materials are exposed and will have to be removed at least two feet beyond the contaminated area.
    • The containment and air machines are to remain on site until inspection and final air clearance testing have been achieved.
    • For your safety, please do not enter or cut into the containment after remediation has started. The contamination counts are a lot greater due to the removal process.
  • Furnishings / Misc. Contents / Surfaces - Final Cleaning:
    • All closed up items such as china and other small item in cabinets that have been closed up and hardly ever opened do not need to be cleaned unless noted on protocol. These items have been sealed and are airtight.
    • If instructed by protocol, all furnishings and contents outside containment will also be biocide and hepa vacuumed.
    • All remaining surfaces will be cleaned and vacuum.
  • Clearance Testing: Final air testing and inspection by the environmental consultant will be completed after completion of remediation and air scrubbers have been running for 24 - 36 hours.
  • Teardown / Demobilizing: All containments and equipment will be removed upon notice of clearance of clean air.
  • Returning of Furnishing / Contents: All contents will be returned to site if stored in a storage facility after re-construction is completed. Please give at least 1 - 2 weeks notice if possible.
  • Project Duration: On an average building, the estimated time to complete a project is 1 - 2 weeks depending on the size. The clearance testing is 5 - 7 days and to demobilize is 1 - 2 days after notice.
  • Parking: AES will need to have parking spaces available for a crew truck, material / equipment trailer and a waste disposal trailer.
  • Its very important to keep in mind that when reconstruction starts, please inform the contractor to install a plastic critical or sheeting on the entry to the areas they are working. This will keep from getting dust throughout the rest of the home. Remember, you have a very clean house now.

Thank you.