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Preparing Mold Affected Area                    

When going into a project for mold removal, pictures of the affected area and contents will be taken.   



All procedures will be discussed with the client and agreed upon prior to work beginning. The client will be handed a copy of 'Mold Consumer Information'. 

As with any type of work done by others within your home or place of business. PLEASE PACK ALL VALUABLES AND TAKE OUT OF THE AREA WHILE YOU ARE AWAY.    

  1. Personal items will be cleaned and carefully and packed in boxes. Glassware and other breakable items will be wrapped in bubble wrapping. All items are cleaned with a disinfecting solution called "Biocide". Dinnerware, eating utensils will be washed and rinsed prior to packing.
  2. Open food items will be disposed of, unless otherwise decided by client. Paper items will also be disposed of, unless otherwise decided by client.  All factors will be decided by the level of mold count and type of mold.
  3. Content cleaning is decided by the amount of Air-Bourn mold particles present. If complete content cleaning has been decided upon, the cleaning crew will enter the building and mist the walls and ceilings with Biocide. All furniture will be polished, windows will be cleaned. The walls and ceiling will be Hepa-vaced and wiped down with Biocide.     
  4. All remediation of floor tile, mastic, ceiling tiles, etc. will be done under containment.  Workers will be in full protective gear and respirators.  Air cleaning machines will be strategically located within the affected area. 
  5. After all remediation and cleaning has been completed pictures will be taken again. This is for the protection of both the client and Advanced Environmental Services.                  
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